A Transformational Culture is an organizational culture which is fair, just, inclusive, sustainable and high performing. When organizations adopt a transformational culture they are putting their purpose, their values, and their people first.


In his latest ground-breaking book, TRANSFORMATIONAL CULTURE: DEVELOP A PEOPLE CENTRED ORGANIZATION FOR IMPROVED PERFORMANCE, David Liddle calls for organizations to adopt a radical new approach to company culture, built on the foundations of fairness, justice, inclusivity, sustainability and high performance.

At a time when organizations are straining every sinew to build back better following some of the most turbulent times in the last 20 years, David Liddle argues that it is not possible to emerge with the old cultural paradigms still in play. Power, profit and process are no longer symbols of a successful organization.

The rewards for such organizations will be great – enhanced competitive advantage, attracting investment, enhanced brand values and the ability to attract and retain top talent.” – David Liddle

What are people saying?

Transformational Culture nominated for British Book Awards 2022
Omar Ali, Financial Services Leader, EY    

“Provides the guidance to leaders, managers, and HR professionals on the importance of putting purpose, values and people first. David delivers a blueprint for creating an inclusive, sustainable, and high performing culture.”

Animah Kosai, Founder Speak Up Collective and Counsel

“The next time I encounter yet another excuse for not addressing racism, injustice or fairness by an employer, I will whip out David Liddle’s Transformational Culture. I DARE every leader, manager, lawyer and HR person to read this book. He transforms outdated, rigid and harmful disciplinary processes based on retributive justice towards what this weary world needs: restorative justice: focused on learning and collective organizational safety.”

Pam Williams, HR Director & Leadership Coach  

“David has produced another gem of a book which should be compulsory reading for all leaders, managers and HR professionals alike. David makes a compelling case of the power of transforming cultures to be kinder, more compassionate and to achieve a win/win approach for everyone. It is a book I will return to time and again.”

Professor Michael West CBE, Senior Visiting Fellow, The King’s Fund, Professor of Organizational Psychology, Lancaster University Emeritus Professor, Aston University  

“The understanding offered by this powerful analysis of organizational culture offers a clear route to transforming work organizations for the future so that those who work in them thrive, the lives of the people they serve are enhanced and the planet they are part of is protected.”

The Transformational Culture Model™

This diagram summarises The Transformational Culture Model™. This is a tried and tested blueprint for the development of a fair, just, inclusive, sustainable and high performing organization.

Transformational Trailblazers

Would you like to integrate a Transformational Culture in your organization?

TCM has launched a global initiative to encourage more organizations to develop a fair, just, inclusive, sustainable and high performing organization. The Transformational Trailblazers initiative includes organizations across all sectors, of all sizes and all levels of maturity. To express your interest in joining the Transformational Trailblazers initiative, please email us, contact us using the button below, or call TCM on 0800 059 0595


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