Our culture change consultancy and diagnostic services are delivered by the award winning The TCM Group. TCM was established in 2001 and is widely recognised as a leader  in the design and development of progressive workplace cultures and people management systems. TCM delivers a comprehensive portfolio of cultural transformation, change management, project management and organisational development (OD) consulting services, all of which which meet and exceed the needs of any organisation. This page explains more.


TCM’s expert consultants are available to deliver a comprehensive portfolio of consulting and project management services. We act as your trusted partner throughout the lifecycle of the cultural transformation programme. The precise nature and details of the support are agreed once an initial culture diagnostic has been been completed (see details of our  highly acclaimed 5D Review™ below). On completion of the diagnostic phase, typically, our culture change consultancy services include:

  • Establish and train the transformational culture hub including the development of associated working groups and all necessary support for delivery and evaluation
  • Developing your corporate purpose, values, and strategy
  • Leadership and management boot camps and away days
  • Developing behavioural frameworks (aligned to purpose and values)
  • Rebranding HR to ‘people and culture’ and developing the associated systems and processes
  • Developing competency, capability, and characteristics frameworks for leaders and managers (and others)
  • Individual and group coaching (Engage Coaching)
  • Integrating transformative justice (Resolution Strategy and Resolution Framework)
  • Developing transformational employee handbooks and associated materials
  • Integrating TCM’s Transformational Performance System with all associated training
  • Wellbeing, Engagement & Inclusion: audits, strategy development, delivery, and evaluation
  • Aligning Employee Experience with Customer Experience
  • Employer branding consultancy
  • Employee voice and internal communications consulting
  • Turnaround consultancy relating to risk management, adverse branding and poor/toxic culture
  • Mergers and acquisitions (cultural mapping and cultural alignment)


The TCM System is a propriety change management and OD framework which we have deployed numerous times to help organizations to integrate transformational cultures. Our clients include Aviva, Next, Burberry, The UK Civil Services, HSBC, Nationwide Building Society and a number of police forces, councils and NHS trusts all over the UK.

DISCOVER. We seek to understand the needs and context of your organisation including patterns and trends relating to culture and climate. We do so using an innovative blend of normative research methods, quanitiave data analysis and qualitative data gathering. DIAGNOSE. Using The Transformational Culture Model™ as a blueprint, we work with you to make sense of the data and to use this to understand the patters and trends within your organization. We believe that the patterns and trends we observe begin to weave a picture much like a cultural tapestry. We use this 'cultural tapestry' to identify challenges and opportunities for your organization. DREAM. Using appreciative inquiry, we work with you to understand what your desired state is over the short, medium and longer terms. We then compare the desired state against the current state to begin the design stage of the 5D Review DESIGN. We aggregate all of the data gathered so far to help develop a comprehensive transformational culture action plan. The design phases is a collaborative effort between the TCM consultants and yourselves and it can include several stages of ideation, planning and design, DEPLOY. The final element of the 5D review is to prepare a project plan which you can use to deploy the necessary cultural changes.


Our culture change diagnostic services have been designed by David Liddle and a team of culture change experts to help your organisation understand your unique cultural challenges. The data is then used to design and develop a plan of action. TCM’s innovative 5D Review™ is robust, rigorous and strengths based. We have used the very latest thinking in action research, positive psychology, appreciative inquiry and systems theory to develop the 5D Review™.

Upon completion of the 5D review you will receive a detailed report which can be used as your internal case to garner senior management approval . It can also be used to develop benchmark indicators for the long term evaluation of the transformational culture implementation.

Download the TCM 5D Review brochure


We offer a wide array of award winning courses and programmes to support organisations who wish to adopt a purpose driven, values based and person centred workplace culture.

These include:

Culture Catalyst (practitioner certificate)

  • Level 1 (1 day) – What is a transformational culture, how does it work and what benefits does it deliver?
  • Level 2 (2 days) – Level 1 plus, a practical playbook for integrating a transformational culture
  • Level 3 (3 days) – Levels 1 and 2 plus, managing the cultural transformation (also incl. 12 months group coaching to support the transformation)

Other culture change courses include:

  • Training for the transformational culture hub (1 day)
  • Stakeholder engagement (half day)
  • A full, suite of transformational culture training for HR, managers and leaders
  • Routes to Resolution™ and full suite of Resolution Framework™ content and materials
  • Full suite of Engage Leadership™ courses including psychometrics