Why can’t people just be kinder to each other?” Daniel Liddle. Aged 12¾

Imagine working in an organization with a clearly defined purpose and a set of core values which connect us with our organization, with one another, and with our customers. Where our leaders are committed to unlocking our inner brilliance and engaging with each of us as human beings – during the good times and the bad. Where each voice is heard, each contribution is valued, and our differences are a source of celebration.

Imagine a workplace where concerns, complaints and conflicts are resolved constructively, equitably and with empathy. Where managers feel confident and courageous to have the right conversations, with the right people at the right time. Where compassion is a sign of strength, dialogue is a foundation of justice, and collaboration is at the core of every team.

Imagine a workplace where the policies of the organization shield us from harm and hold us to account but are equally concerned about protecting relationships and building an inclusive, collaborative, and humanising workplace.

Imagine working in an organization where our managers value and nurture our happiness, our health, and our harmony. Where mistakes become opportunities to learn and grow, and where failure becomes a catalyst for insight and innovation.

Imagine our organizations thriving and growing, where boardroom executives listen and respond to the needs of our diverse stakeholders. Where investments can be made safe in the knowledge that our organisations will act responsibly and justly. Where profit and integrity go hand in hand, and where corruption, exploitation and abuse of power is challenged and resolved through fair, transparent, and robust systems of governance and accountability.

Imagine all of this in an organization which recognises it has a responsibility to our planet, and which works hard to protect the rich and diverse ecosystems within which we all live, work and play.

This is not a childhood fantasy. This is a Transformational Culture.

Transformational Culture nominated for British Book Awards 2022


“Provides a blueprint for leaders and organizations to journey towards something better. Liddle expertly outlines a different, more balanced way of working and offers a pragmatic and well thought-through framework for making progress. An essential read for anyone who believes workplaces can build performance whilst nurturing enhanced fairness, justice and learning.” David D’Souza, Membership Director at CIPD 

“David has set the tone straight away; ‘Develop a people centred organization for improved performance’… why …. because people are any organization’s most valuable asset! Without them you don’t have an organization. A truly educational and inspiring book throughout, which I would recommend to any leader or HR practitioner to read cover to cover!” ― Lisa Seagroatt, Assoc CIPD, Founder and Managing Director, HR Fit for Purpose

“David’s deep experience and practical advice is an invaluable tool in helping you to achieve the productive and engaging culture you need in order to achieve your goals and be the organization you want to be.” ― David MacLeod OBE, Co-Chair of Engage for Success Movement, Co-Author of ‘MacLeod Report’ on Employee Engagement Honorary Professor, Nottingham Business School

“Written with leaders and HR professionals in mind, this book provides a solid framework and practical playbook for helping organizations to shift their culture, into one that is not only transformational in nature but fair, just, inclusive high performing and sustainable.” ― Victoria Leach, Head of People & Culture, North-East Lincolnshire Council

“This comprehensive book uses accessible and understandable tools and case studies to challenge our thinking and provoke us to action. It is as professionally challenging as it is enjoyable. It has captured the current passion and enthusiasm of many leaders and HR professionals to use the past year as a catalyst for real sustainable change.” ― Dean Royles, President of HPMA and strategic HR consultant

“Transformational Culture is the brainchild of David Liddle whose phenomenal, diverse career leaves you with that comfortable feeling you can trust what you read. All the blood, sweat and tears articulating how a leader can get organizational culture on point has been absorbed by the author and he is handing over all this wisdom on a plate in guise of this shiny book ready to dip into time and time again.” ― Mandy Wardrop, Senior lecturer and HR programme leader

“Transformational Culture strikes a great balance between providing theory that underpins its key messages and the practical examples that will help to make changes to how an organization works. For me, the added value of what David says is that it makes for better run and more successful organizations, and he absolutely demonstrates why.” ― Graham Boyack, Director at Scottish Mediation

“A step-by-step guide to creating a business case and framework for a people centred organization. By utilizing some very honest and thought-provoking case studies, this toolkit is designed to support those with all levels of experience in change management or cultural transformation.” ― Juli Oliver-Smith FCIPD, PG Cert Psychology of Organisational Development and Change


David Liddle is author of Transformational Culture published by Kogan Page. His first book Managing Conflict, transformed the way that organizations handle workplace conflicts and disagreements. David hopes that his latest text will have the same impact on company culture.

David has a first degree in community and race relations and has worked tirelessly to promote equity and inclusion and to tackle the root causes of discrimination and inequality. In the 1990’s he established and ran one of the first restorative justice (RJ) and community mediation organizations in the UK. He remains dedicated to alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and the restorative principles.

In 2001, having been awarded an MBA with Distinction, David established The TCM Group. David has built an award winning company with world class consultants and employees. With offices in the UK and the US, TCM works with household names to integrate person-centred and values-based systems, cultures and practices.

David is committed to promoting research and best practice in the areas of justice, people, culture, and leadership. To that end, he is president of the Institute of Organizational Dynamics, a fellow of the RSA and an active member of the Leaders Council.



Dave Ulrich and Transformational Culture

Dave Ulrich is the name behind the Ulrich model of HR. He is Rensis Likert Professor of Business at the University of Michigan and renowned author, speaker, management coach and management consultant. Below is a short snippet from the powerful foreword that Dave wrote for Transformational Culture:

“This work on Transformational Culture defines the outcomes of culture for all stakeholders. To reach these outcomes, the Transformational Culture Model David Liddle proposes offers a blueprint for thinking and a roadmap for action to create culture at all four levels. The ideas are insightful and the tools practical and useable. Transformational Culture will be a useful guide for anyone wanting to move beyond advocacy that ‘culture matters’ to application to make ‘culture happen’. Bravo!”


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