The Power of Mediation and Communication in Business with David Liddle

18 May 2022
Written by: The TCM Group

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In the latest episode of Climb in Consulting, Nick talks to David Liddle – the founder and CEO of The TCM Group. An award-winning provider of mediation, investigation, culture change and leadership development services to companies around the world.

David has always been driven by the power of dialogue to bring people together. An award-winning mediation, investigation, culture change and leadership development consultancy. It was a huge success attracting Lottery funding and national media coverage.

This eye-opening experience proved to him that people from all backgrounds, with competing goals, have the capacity to come together and create something positive. He has taken this approach into the corporate world with The TCM Group to support companies in achieving change compassionately and fairly.

During their discussion Nick and David explore his fascinating career and the numerous insights he has learned along the way, including:

  • The power of restorative justice and how it can be used in the workplace to unlock benefits for businesses and individuals.
  • How listening to and understanding opposing views is the key to effective leadership and collaborative working.
  • And his journey building the TCM Group over the last 20 years. The ups, the downs and his advice for anyone thinking of following a similar path

At every stage of your consulting career, dispute resolution and overcoming disagreements is a crucial part of the job. David shares knowledge, insights and inspiring experiences that will strike a chord with everyone who is eager to turn these potentially challenging situations into positive moments.

Listen to the podcast here.