• Improve company culture
  • Change toxic culture and behaviours
  • Develop humane HR and management systems

Transformational Culture offers practical guidance for HR professionals and business leaders on how to redefine company culture and embed a unique, practical framework to assist with the resolution of concerns, complaints, and conflicts at work. The book includes tried and tested toolkits and templates and case studies from organizations including the London Ambulance Service, Aviva, The FT and British Retail Consortium.

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Transformational Culture nominated for British Book Awards 2022


“Provides a blueprint for leaders and organizations to journey towards something better. Liddle expertly outlines a different, more balanced way of working and offers a pragmatic and well thought-through framework for making progress. An essential read for anyone who believes workplaces can build performance whilst nurturing enhanced fairness, justice and learning.” David D’Souza, Membership Director at CIPD 

“David has set the tone straight away; ‘Develop a people centred organization for improved performance’… why …. because people are any organization’s most valuable asset! Without them you don’t have an organization. A truly educational and inspiring book throughout, which I would recommend to any leader or HR practitioner to read cover to cover!” ― Lisa Seagroatt, Assoc CIPD, Founder and Managing Director, HR Fit for Purpose

“David’s deep experience and practical advice is an invaluable tool in helping you to achieve the productive and engaging culture you need in order to achieve your goals and be the organization you want to be.” ― David MacLeod OBE, Co-Chair of Engage for Success Movement, Co-Author of ‘MacLeod Report’ on Employee Engagement Honorary Professor, Nottingham Business School

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  • HOW it can help your organisation become stronger and more resilient